Brilliant Reason Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Doesn't Put Cover on His iPhone

Tell you one of those dangerous guys, it doesn’t put a case in your phone You have the fucking case on tape in your butt the back the on your phone Your lock screen is the Stonehenge of Manhattan. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, Manhattanhenge No case in your phone, no, you’re a risk tape, right? No So you can think of it as risk-taking or when I got the phone cuz I admire how thin this is right.

I’d like technology Yeah serving week. Okay. So what I do when I got the phone I said let me Do this with it? Okay, flip it around.

Yes, and I reminded myself. Why do In in the military cadets, why do they twirl their gun of what possible value is this in combat? Why do they do these things with their gun? And then I realized you’re not supposed to drop your gun ever mmm ever So if you twirl the gun and you don’t drop it It means stuff can happen to you in combat and it is always attached to your body So I said so when I got my phone I said, let me just do this Okay, let me just do this if I pick up the phone and So When you do that then you never drop your phone. So it’s not that I’m a risk taker.

It’s that I’ve changed my risk To make it so low that it is essentially won’t happen and you got AppleCare No, no No your wrist take first that fix my own damn computer second are you gonna fix your own damn phone if the screen breaks You’re gonna get in there with a screwdriver and pop that bitch out put the new the key word The key phrase there if the screen break drop it I also carry relatively expensive fountain pens What happens with that? I never lose them. Oh, I see what you’re saying If you always lose your Panza means you’re not spending enough money. All right, like sunglasses Exactly bet the same pair of sunglasses now for a record number of time right cost you $200 to get fucking lose them They’re just my favorite ones for free. Shout out the skeleton sunglasses Oh skeleton optics his ice lenses dice Alright powerful fucking so I invented the planetarium projector.

Did they realize they didn’t make some badass? 1923 1923 yeah But these same sunglasses now, I think you’re doing well here six months this fat stupid fingers Yeah, so once you do once you get that Then it doesn’t drop so it’s not that I’m a risk-taker is I’ve changed the risk so that is low enough so that it is of On part on par with other risks that you take routinely. I smoked a lot of pot dude This is gonna drop I keep doing this Also the things if you pick up the phone with one hand and it’s upside down You you hold it in places where the center of gravity flips it but you also have some sort of a skin in the back, which it’s just it’s just a sector of van gogh’s starry night Yeah, but it’s not it’s there’s no texture to this is just a slippery