Caramel Apple Russian Roulette with Blake Shelton

We´re hanging out with Blake Shelton! Blake Shelton! New record´s out Friday. You can see him on “The Voice.”

Blake and I are about to go head-to-head in a game of Caramel Apple Roulette. Higgins, would you like to explain how this works? -[ Coughing, laughing ] -What is it? -Hey, there he is. -Yes, Jimmy.

Here…would appear to be 12 caramel apples. -Okay. -But don´t be fooled! Eight of these are apples. Four are raw onions. [ Audience ohhs ] You and Blake will take turns taking one caramel apple and taking a bite.

You won´t know which are apples and which are onions! But once you choose an apple — -What the hell are you doing? -I don´t know. Everything´s off today.

Once you choose an apple, you must take a bite and swallow it. No put-backs! First one to bite into two onions loses!

Blake, as guest of the show, you will choose the first caramel apple. -This is the dumbest thing. Yeah. -Right.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Which one? -Which are apples? -Am I choosing right now?

-Yeah. Which are onions? Which are apples?

That one looks good. -That one looks like an apple. -That looks like a Texakoma apple. -You know what? I´m calling bull crap on you. I´m calling bull crap on you.

-Good luck! -Now wait a minute. If this is an onion, do I lose, or I get another chance? -No, you get two onions! [ Cackles evilly ] -[ Laughs ] Go for it man. Just take a bite and have faith.

-I´m only here ´cause Seth Meyers was booked. -Yeah, I understand. Thank you. I know. I heard. It´s an onion.

[ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Blake, I´m so happy you´re here. [ Laughs ] -Good luck! -All right.

-Which are apples — -I´m not going to sell one album off this stupid crap. No one cares about this. -♫ Ba-da, ba-da, ba-da, bahp, bahp ♫ ♫ Happy Halloween, dude ♫ ♫ Happy Hallo — ♫ It feels a little heavy. It feels like an apple. I feel good.

I´m confident. Pretty confident dude. Things are going great.

-That´s a — [ Cheers and applause ] That´s more like it! -Ohh! -Now we got some drama! It´s like the World Series, buddy! 1-1. Yeah!

-Caramelized onions. That´s disgusting. How did you swallow this?

-Stop fingering everything. What are you doing? What is it? What are you doing? -Right. -Was it good?

-Oh, it´s disgusting. Uh, Blake, pick that one. -No, that didn´t work. -Oh, come on. That guy.

-Ooh! -Ohh! [ Cackles evilly ] [ Laughter ] -1-1. It´s like the World Series.

Good luck. Go get ´em. Feels like an apple.

Ohh! [ Laughs ] That is the game! Ladies and gentlemen! [ Laughs ] Thank you for coming.

Blake Shelton is performing a brand-new song at the end of the show tonight. Andrea Martin joins us after the break. Stick around, everybody.