Chronopost Spinner

So it’s Chronopost (french Ups)! it’s very unusal for chronopost to deliver at home it’s dope hein? like that! it’s poor people technique, so if I don’t like the stuff I’ll return it with the box you have to do it in this too it’s nothing! you hit it 2, 3 times it looks that the batteries are dead it’s christmas!! you teared the box ASUS!

I wasn’t expecting that! DOPE! DOPE! what! they were fast !

that’s it? he’s this small? it’s dope that he’s that small they’re fingerprints on it! somebody already used it? no, I think they’re mine it’s a letter?

a letter from Karim? ah no, it’s the notice… ah Karim! I think our friendship goes from one side more than the other I want messages, more messages that’s it?

a PC and a charger  it’s dope Ahmed come here! we will play LOL it’s not the same! I present to you the new weapon of massive destruction you’ll plau LOL 24/7. the school is over you take this and a mouse LOL your life is LOL why?

shut up! come here! show them the Handspinner that I made by hand you see? I’m an architect…. but we have to recognize the skills of my engineer Rico Redu, it’s for you I give you back your handspinner LOL that much? I’m not kidding Ahmed, LOL it’s some crazy shit!

your big brother is pressuring you to go play videogames if you don’t play, I’m gonna  you it’s been a long time… shut theup! the more you talk the longer it will be Allo? good or what? so you you’re not answering but you’re having fun I heard you having fun before saying hi why you didn’t pick up the phone earlier it’s wasn’t working! i’m on the road you were on spotify I wanted to ask you something are you motivated to… sing in front of a small crowd I’m super motivated really?

of course why make music then? Ok I’ll tell you that, I’m gonna talk about it to Rastaman and tell you sometime, I’m telling you he’s my best friend , but frankly sometimes it rhymes with best drag there’re synonym, I swear this big bastard and after, who got to accept stinky shootings because when I do shooting it’s like prostitution if you think about it, it’s to catch up his mess we don’t become more rich we just become less in debt apparently, the rumors are saying he was parking, he didn’t see a pole he hit it I’m just saying you’re doing safaris on my back you hit a buffalo tell me what you think about it in the comment, but it’s suspicious he’s blocking me I wanted to cut my hair, he said no we don’t have time it’s weird, everything is weird it’s suspicious friendships are not the same anymore guys frankly you have to open your eyes and shit sometimes I say to myself it’s better to be alone… to hang out with him I’m not saying names he got but luck as ! Frankly it’s not even his fault that’s what killing me, look!

it’s not even his fault poor guy look! he parked his car, a bird pooped on it only bad luck! I prefer with cut the bridges Frankly I prefer we cut the bridges until you’re lucky again the Karma is again you! I don’t know what have you done but WOOOOW it’s too much bro, I don’t deserve that it’s not coming from me you’ll never…  Oh I’m chocked!

don’t subscribe to them, they’re not even dancing they don’t know how to have fun Oh direct, it dabs directly, for the subscribers what up? how’s Jennifer? hey let me be! you hater! hater!

it’s him the red thumbs Let’s go baby! wait I have a last question do you want to… come with us to roland garros or not? when are you going? I don’t know we go and we pay ah because… Ah when it starts talking money there’s no plan here!

we’re going just like that like suckers you’re motivated? roland garros? yes why not yeah I’m shocked. I think tennis is not for the black people If I have said senegalese wrestling they would have said yeah let’s go TO Hotty -Migos stop! film there I’m not gonna lie to you! it pics look how there nice at my gym they put up for me a small green space in case I want to vomit usually I like to vomit here here It has good vibes you can see he’s struggling but his pride…. make him continue pushing my weight don’t do like him at home kids yeah true what chocked he raised his hand on me you saw?

angry hein! ting ting ting it’s the xylophone yeah when I do that yes its inflammated it feel like it gonna tear up here stop it’s good, a victory by TKO he’s hurt in the tendon but he doesn’t wanna stop, can you reason with him please? he’s incontrolable when I was doing the biceps it felt like there’re about to explode be careful! because you have to calm down cuz it’s too heavy or you made a wrong move and it started warning you you can easily have a muscle tear like I was saying! victory by TKO he’s also not feeling good today all this muscles to lift the equivalent of a new born bro oh yes little guy we’re not in Quebec here maple syrup I’m giving it to you you helped us, I’m giving it to you however I saw!

stop putting my muscles stuffs on your videos the delivered me a t-shirt it was S size bring it to me I’ll burn it see you guys we’re leaving on injury I forgot to tell him you have to take a picture after the training Stuffed Stuffed not thin goo Ahmed yes ahmed yes I remind you we have to play we cannot go to the 1st division like that the trophies won’t win themselves you FUT champions or you FUT not champions it’s a.. wait.. Lipouti that’s it I rock in Pokemon that’s a I don’t know it’s the new pokemons waiiit that’s a mammoth I think Mammochon that’s it non Tylton ténéfix ténéfix, true I don’t know the new pokemons me either I think I know him it’s a dog you’re dumb well played bro I lost why? he’s serious? wow it sucks Ahmed I spent my family time with meriyem, the time slot is over it’s your turn now, we have to play on Fifa it’s important the balance inn the families he’s pitiful like he’s a viking the guy I’m at my place you’re not contributing in anything sorry to inform you well, that’s it, get out of my room we’re not playing now? ah yeah sorry, I got used to it I made one, it’s not for nothing take it but it sucks yes but it doesn’t make noise oh noo not him!

I’m fed up, I was feeling lonely but no, I haven’t any I felt excluded I was wondering why I felt so good you told me you bought messi now you’re going to the gym, you think you’re a badass people break ramadan, I break spines! you’re fooling around? you want me to eat you?

ANSWER! you’ll be choked by you’re own weight I haven’t said a thing say SORRY! Ahmed you’re gonna die Sorry see? wasn’t it easy?

it was nothing really? so why was there a lot of saliva we’re playing against… Rico I’m making a video now I just thought about it you put Niska the whole UFC game Okay why don’t we have internet I have no patience, I have no patience I’ve been playing with him for 30 min he broke my ramadan stop breaking my balls, I have no patience it’s too much for me! too much!

2 liars actually you’re not lying just to not look bad, you say lies move your asses fuuuuck I don’t care can you stop the music you draw hasty conclusions okay super yeah yeah we’re messi? ah yeah top dirty sucker, you didn’t want to play, now that you saw messi, let’s go we don’t give a fuuuuuck why are you doing that? there’s no internet!

I’m about the break a nerve who’s going to be beheaded? one of you it’s you! you talked first on your computer because it won’t work on my mac there’s Zak who want us to call him Olala and now , in addition, we have to work I think we missed your duck, the thing turn off at the same moment Oh nooo in your faces you want my death? no no today I don’t know?! it looks like you inhaled something weird even to charge it’s this the plug because it’s the best plug! but is he dumb?

now there’s no more headphone thing no because him when he’s dumb a moment in his dumbness he thinks he’s more smart than you you see he talks to you like if you were shit non frankly i’m stressed, I should have went to Roland gars today, alone tomorrow I’m going alone look, it’s still looking for an opponent I swear! I was about to throw the controller against the wall England ? are you dumb? you don’t understand?

I’m satisfied! it hit his head I told the guy pick randomly he pressed random until he got Dortmund! see the shit or not? after he looks at me like : it’s random or am I wrong?

you’re always talking shit! play and stop breaking my balls why are you telling me this I don’t care! because I don’t care about your life I’m playing, so I play tell me I don’t care about you but noo!

overtime I tell you I don’t care about your life, you keep talking to me easy!! I have the right to express myself noo express yourself to Rico! why are you talking to me bro?

as if Messi when he hurt his feet he calls Cristiano : yeah I hurt my feet don’t give a bro you saw it coming? yeah liar I swear I swear you’re lying again you’re lying again! it’s my secret trick fuuck whaat! I broke my desk it looks like I hammered it it’s you!

I told you you still here so you still breaking my balls I told you I’m tired don’t piss me off, you keep going and now you keep going on Gigahertz it sucked, I swear it sucked wait? now you have the nerve to say it sucks no but it’s true so why you’re talking to him? I don’t know it was cool Stooop, nooo I’m sorry but they pushed me to the limit you have to talk to them I’m not filming anymore do whatever you want with the camera it’s here why is it upside down?

I don’t give the camera is broken am I complaining? no I’m not the type who complains. but you are go ahead complain “ah the camera is broken” oh it’s weird anyway it’s not my camera!

I don’t know how to use it put it in your asshole with a little bit of luck it will work ok wait it’s hard! very very hard Rico pranked me, he deleted yesterdays video I don’t know what to do I just wanted to inform you it’s already done, take it easy stop telling me take it easy everytime! I’m fed up, everytime somebody stinks you tell me to take it easy it’s not cool I’ll take a cold shower frankly bro I feel… it’s okay, I’m sorry, I apologize it’s good you’re my brother, but I have to take a shower and cry a little and we have to do it one the 3 days you made it?

Rico, it’s okay, Idon’t give a it was earlier, now it’s cool we always love each other, we’re a big family where’s the saber bros for life BFL failing to be in NFL we’re BFL I’m surrounded by incapables Hoveh is calling Ahmed takes…WAIIIT! It’s more important!! they’re incapables! incapables! Hoveh calls, I say to Ahmed film Ahmed takes the camera he only took a picture this dumbass!! he took a picture!!

I immortalize  stop it! !I’m fed up! Hoveh, he’s breaking my balls no it’s tense, very tense in this moment the nerves are tense I think I’ll do tomorrow or now clean, clean you like watching me suffer or what? I don’t know you’re the main character we have to see all the sides of the character