Fortnite Roulette Dare Mobile Battle

We are playing a little bit a fortnight one kill equals one Dare a whole ton of other youtubers have done it already so I probably don’t need to explain to you guys But you know what do they kind of explains itself already Charlie gets one kill I do one there now. I picked Charlie a little bit new – four – okay the man is learning fast like Jimmy He’s got a serious controller. It’s got buttons on the back I’m asking a little bit more stress and ever knew he was this committed to it All right, you should have picked out Sean Ben You know why again when I was Sean did well with me exactly with one killed equals one people shot Another video him later, hopefully where I have to dare him to do things Oh, you know what please don’t get more than like two or three kills Let me start off by putting my game their grip on what? Pro-gamers actually use grip that like makes their hands all chalky so you have a maximum grip what Oh?

What are you talking about? I’m also going to use my stuff controller, which has four additional buttons for jumping and building on the back. No, I’m actually Okay alright, I can fling myself. He’s also caffeined up ready to go.

Let’s get it. All right. You’ll get one game though You know if this isn’t like a there’s no way that’s not my game Scituate. That’s what you get one game Straight up as many skills as you get it. That’s two dares then I do too big. That’s it That’s how the game works you guys dare me to do a whole bunch of things on Twitter So these dares well at least 99% of them are coming straight from you I’m gonna have to read them straight off my Twitter, so if you guys haven’t follow me And I’m going to another dare game like this and you guys want a shout out, so follow me up You know what go follow up here as well Oh Yeah, you would go to retail bro.

Oh yeah, right in there watch where I just need to play safe yeah, going right to the clubhouse a Retail where would the clubhouse be if it was them hidden someone said would be it’s mommy Shores. Oh it’s not – oh He’s on – oh my god. Tell you what if you get oh my god? Yes, see forth he’s blowing up c4 house for what throw like whining ah That’s one dare, that’s what I’m there.

Okay, so dare number one for me You know why I mean we need to pick out of a hat because I have so many dares I’m just gonna show them to you as we start doing them Right here just chill This me three two one way, okay, you know what what Not three if you want to see three get some more kills, okay, but oh I hear shots in the Northeast Oh Luckily we live in Canada for this one. Why is there so many dog prints here? He loves to be here Hey Jill don’t know that’s not even that’s not even a joke uh sometimes. I feel like it spreads What did he sprinkle a little bit?

What if he sprinkles? Yeah anything about dogs. Pee it’s not like they hit one spot though.

They go everywhere. Yeah, Wolfie goes everywhere. Let’s go one Knuckle two minutes here we go start it up. No, let’s let’s not get it It’s just drink normal water, but let’s get our water from the snow And then you have to spill with the dog pee did you be anything? Yeah, do you didn t know if no you didn’t eat the food all right?

I’m stopping it early does anybody else see a little hint of yellow in there you have a new video can they see The speckles there yeah, there’s some speckles in there that’s dirt, or pee of course you’re going out there Yeah, you just you show me what you want Not to worry, did you swallow it it’s just water But I thought it’s the thought back to the game and you can edit okay? He’s been practicing man’s been practicing you ever I swear like two years for this guy couldn’t even head it couldn’t do anything Oh Breaking Jar Jar Now for this one I got to eat dog food But you know what it’s really not that bad cuz you dog you better than I do they like Kings We got some fresh chicken breasts right here and some ground beef. It’s honestly perfect This is the balcony, which one you want pork rinds liver chops you give me the grabs for the talk good on dog come On All right Well, then my back over. What way you’re eating over there, so why this is a tree? This is a tree? No No, take a big bite come on.

Just Dustin come I taught you a Sabbath bro. Take a big bite. Okay.

That’s oh Yeah So he’s gonna kill me program because the Sukarno it’s fine. That’s why it’s happy. It’s because ER.

There’s no sub Bathroom braun praying I see a game for take from far about someone’s head. This as a ninja, okay Oh my god, Saracen, I mean you would say Russian others because you want me to die. I you’re a snake three kills I just would be at six to be honest six sounds like a nice number Wait you’re gonna do it with no freaking helmet, yeah You know I’m like really sick of getting hit by paintballs and stuff so Charlie better not get another kill That’s even with all that padding Shan Shan me before without it Hey, you can go check it out if you want, but I mean okay. Go check it out nine sensitivities. I can smoke them at Anybody else just do that. How is there 20?

You gotta stop controller? We got liquid group. We got nine sensitivity oh Yeah, literally, I’m just gonna take this so no one else can take it I would take all the Bears in for all the games you’re about to do yeah rather than dying for me It’s a commitment. That’s hard. I like that This add up if your sandwich the next game we’re playing I just want to say I don’t want to do this there alone.

I want to have charlie new one as well, okay We’re gonna do it like this the first two kills both dares going to get what? Ten kills all the Derek are you okay finals I’m dropping in tilted The game burger friend of mine hands are sweating again. Oh Shit, there’s a guy on me. I think I saw a Spaniard. He said like MIT was it no not Anyone of this row he’s on What Yeah Nasty I put all the doors inside a hat, and we’re gonna shake them up pull them out.

Oh sweet KY meters cuz your first time doing more yes alright here We go face time Ryan and tell him he’s getting 50% left besides you already take 20 % the team’s an okay you try to move forward his 20% that it gives to Jake by taking Swayze’s Every day this I love you because this is the easy to let me get this Zoe things Dip scenario bad news I’m taking 50% from you know I Never took 80% I never I never took raising it up to 50 This team 10, buddy, but whatever outfit. I need to take 50% bro. Sorry Okay Guys I don’t think he’s ever said if I did, that would be in more righteousness but yo truth finally came out no That’s a lie. That’s a lie. Okay, so the first who killed.

I’m I’m I’m encouraging you because these are your dares Hello you’re on Kaiba all right now is nasty who can tell me why I took a mini, and it didn’t heal me at all Okay secondary veto the deal never does look yeah, that was sad We got black state and you’re gonna watch you like Because let’s tape to stick here my legs are also beat up from these challenges. No it’s not wait Yeah This directly says in the package do not put it on your skin. Can I pull it? No, please stop all the bubbles out this rip some high frickin skin it actually may rip your step. What?

Okay We’re not easy flex to you for you for you to talk outside for will be and you know what he’s even got Wolfie games Yeah, now everything after this is my nurse so if I play nice extra game has a mounting plate yourself to the maximum care Judi Let’s say we’ll see how this goes And we’re gonna break Ya Know out of the kitchen I would look me write this Omega find a car they just like an accident That guy How do you move you had full shield that was a potato he wasn’t potato and I was a potato with anything Sorry about that guys. What if we do not around, but it’s no shotguns. No you excels in pressure. I don’t like this One oh my god, he shot 112 you’re the man What is that? Oh my god, I always always always like sleep on a high note.