Gamble Against Yourself – Adventures from Cape Town Hout Bay

It’s a different mountain. – Apparently it’s a different mountain, says Cameron so we’ll see, now we’re gonna go to the Google machine. – [Man] I’ll put money on it. – He’s putting, how much money you got on it?

– I’ll put a hundred bucks. – A hundred bucks, woo! – He’s right, he’s right. – [Man] But I, but I haven’t bid I just.

– You just won a hundred dollars from yourself dude well done, lesson learned only gamble against yourself ’cause you’re always gonna win but that’s not Lion’s Head – It looks like it but it’s not. – But it’s not like that, it looks like, what we basically climbed looked like that from far away it’s just not that one, ours was way higher though yeah like 10 times higher, like easy, okay good, now bye! All right here we go, so where are we? We’re on Signal Hill – Chapman’s Peak Drive.

– No Chapman’s Peak Drive. You guys keep me good, look at that, I mean look at this. So the big one sticking out there is called the Sentinel and then he was telling me, crazy surfers when the waves are 15 feet tall or more they go down there yeah, that’s wild, all right so where was the beach oh yeah yeah see the big beach over there that’s where we were in the last video on the beach. Can you see it?

– [Man] That’s the peak that isn’t Lion’s Head. – There you go, boom and this is not Lion’s Head over there wherever, anyways. You guys what a beautiful place, seriously, this is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I’ll definitely be coming back here, yeah for sure, you gotta come see everything and you gotta do a full week and a day, like we are this is a whole drive that goes all the way along here so you drive and then you can see this amazing space. Probably fishing down there.

So anyways cool stuff just showing you guys the other update I don’t know, what else? Is that it? – Yeah.

– Amazing coffee just now. – Oh yeah we’re gonna have amazing coffee just now, see how I threw that in there how’s it? See I’m basically South African how’s it? – I’m like wow okay he’s a southern (mumbles). – Yeah basically, yeah yeah you guys will see another one or something maybe I’ll show you the coffee here, the natural wonder.

All right, see you guys later, bye!