Most Successful Roulette Strategy 2018 | 2019

Hello, my friends are Monday, I’m the founder and CEO of roulette how to win calm. I want to showing you something that might helping you understand when you are getting at Roulette and the difference between the tables. Now there are many of you who tell me a joke. I like to play life roulette and I don’t like to play RNG roulette now. You need to understand something about any roulette, and here I have a proof so when we are playing a roulette in this manner in this role at which you see here one moment to charge. So what you see here this red when you spin very fast?

Yes, so this is rng. This is electronic orangey. Alright, now, let’s go outside from here and let’s go to casino life. Now here on casino life is the same thing, because casino life roulette works with sensors. So any time when you see that the group here is spinning the ball, it doesn’t have any access to that because it is only the same sort worked exactly in in the ruler. So, every time when somebody is telling you that there is a difference between live red and orange in roulette, it doesn’t know what he’s talking about now.

If you watch a live roulette session and you watch how the spinning is feeling very weird, you will learn and you will understand that he’s working with sensors, so the roulette. You need to know that he’s knowing where the ball will land before landing in that number. So if we take the live red or the RNG roulette, all right, so we are here in RNG, roulette roulette is knowing exactly where it lands.

Okay. So let me explain you why I beat red for me 11 years, so now it’s number 30, as you can see here, the last number is 30. All right. When I spin up all roulette is knowing the next number which it will play. So when I play one, he is knowing from beginning that it will play one it’s electronic now is the same with live roulette, but live red worked with. Sensors is the same electronic, but with sensors.

So every time when a ball is landing, is landing by sensors. Roulette knows from previously where the bell will land, so it doesn’t have a none access the droopier. Now this is fault because thirty years ago, 60 years ago, when the roulette was mechanical, all the croupier have learned where the ball will land a group of zones where the bar will land support of that they didn’t like it, the casino owners they didn’t like it. That repairs have so much power to know exactly when the ball will land. So this is why, from 30 years now, we have only electronic roulette.

Even if we talk a live bullet or orangey-red, it’s electronic. Let me help you because I know what I’m talking about, because I am master from 11 years now. If is somebody on the internet? Who can help you first? He must showing himself first he must giving you some free stuff, as I’m giving you, because if you watch all my tutorials from YouTube, you learn 90 % of the knowledge of roulette.

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I told you, and over and over again I telling you is not for everybody. I am a person who I’m sacrificed myself, so I’m invested when I was now. I didn’t have money and I’ve invested fifty thousand euro at that time. Fifty thousand euro, for me, was a huge amount of money.

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