Next Level Portable Gaming

This is like some high tech Next level, portable gaming, It’s like if the gameboy grew up. You’Ve got all your favorite games on iOS and now you have tactile buttons, so you can really catch a feel catch a vibe. Do a little racing Place a little wager. Okay, so the cool thing here as well is that there is lots of games available That use this control scheme by default. Alright, so it’s not like you’re in there mapping things out # Phone Rings, # Hello.

What’S happning Jack is so mad that you just called Because we’re in the middle of filming a video # Horn, Sound #. Can we Ryan? Can we keep the lang- like we’re still rolling here with the language? Oh # Horn, Sound # uhh. Sorry I mean #, Starts Laughing, # Alright y’all, you know it’s all good I’ll.

Call you guys back later. Alright, it’s not! I just that.

Anyways! It’S fine! It’S fine # Starts Laughing # I don’t want to # Horn, Sound # up Jack’s day.

I feel terrible. Actually, Still with the language still with the language we’re trying to use this in the video. Oh sorry, sorry, okay, Lets jump inside this box Woooo. So there is the actual unit.

I’M gon na place that to the side for a moment A micro USB cable to charge it up. I think that’s it. That’S all you need. You know you got your lightning connector right there, So your iPad Mini is going to slide in there. Our micro USB port to charge this thing up, As well as a headphone jack trigger triggers and shoulders Just gon na slide that baby in there, like that Stretch that out a touch Right in there.

It’S giving me some suggestions for this accessory, So I would assume these are game. The App Store itself has vetted to be used with the game vice. There are a lot of different controllers out there, wireless controllers and so on, But you still got ta figure out. Hey wha-, which games work best for it. You could see that they’ve suggested some of their favorites Here are new games that support this Now. The cool thing about sound here is that it gets ported out the front now through these grills here.

Alright. Here we go Golden State, Cleveland Draymond can carry the ball a little bit. There is Steph, Let it go MAAAAAAAA Splash.

The experience here is super close to what you would get on a console. If you played a game on a console. This is like your own. Little portable console What I’m I going to build my own car here.

Oh ok, here we go Ooooh Yeah, Look whose out in front Second # Music. # It’s a banger right there Jack you can freestyle. On top of that # Free-styling, # I bomb.

Atomically Socrates philosophies and hypotheses Find how I be droppin’. These mockeries Lyrically perform armed robberies, Oooh, Oh I’m going on the inside. Oh, No, I’m not Oooooh # Starts Laughing # Every so often. Something shows up here That I really think solves a problem makes something better.

An accessory that makes some sense. This one does for me. I know a lot of people, a lot of kids who have iPads.

You know they’re, not getting that classic gaming experience. I mean you get a little grip on it. You get invested. You got your XBOX grade thumbsticks on here, I’m not saying it replaces a console, I’m not saying it replaces a PC gaming rig This for people who have an iPad and want to take it on the go, But want to take a better experience on the go. I don’t know there is something nice about having a hand held with a screen that big, I felt special for a minute.