Roulette Systems – Streets & Double Streets

Hi guys welcome to another video we’re going to talk about one of the systems. Here I didn’t design this, but I like it it’s a good system. It seems to generate a bit of profit, usually when it hits six units.

It’S called the one-way street and this is how it works. It’S got a demo account and I’m using the Lucky Nugget to casino this time and now what we do we wait until a number repeats. It doesn’t have to be straight after each other. I sometimes just leave it if it’s it’s less than six between the hit between the numbers, the the actual repeat, then I then I still use that number as the reference of this system.

So what happens is I’ll show you we’ll wait for a number to repeat and then we’ll go from there. I got actually bid on this one red odd 50lakhs, odd, what black, deben 28 black, then red, odd, 34 red deep 26 black, even 22 black given 29 black odd 18 red deep 27 red odd 29 black, odd okay, as you can see here, there’s 2 29. Pretty close to each other, so I’m gon na go for this one. That’S clear! There’S chips out!

So as an example, it’s gon na use the 1 1 1 unit chip. So what we do we bet on the double streets and the street so double street is actually here is an example. It’S actually six numbers, so one street is three numbers.

A double street is actually six numbers, so the 29 came up so the double street. In this area, so there’s 1, 2, 3. 4.

5. It’S the fifth double street and 29 came out here, so we’re not actually betting. This street we’re betting, the other side of the double street. So here’s the double street we’re talking about and we’re going to bet the street one unit.

Ok, so there’s where the 29 was we’re going to bet the street in that double street and all the other double streets. So that’s one there’s 5, 2, 3, 4 5, and what happens is obviously you can put put put a unit on 0 but then you’re going to be losing if it actually the numbers go. It’S means on any of these double streets. So, for example, if it, if it spun and it got on eleven, you actually get your money back.

So any other double street. You get your money back. Obviously, 28 29 30 you’ll lose your money and zero. You lose your money if you do actually lose by those four numbers. You double double up and double up just to get your 6 units back.

I wouldn’t keep doubling up forever because obviously it’s going to get quite high, but it should be. It’S pretty good hit right, so we’re obviously wanting the 25 26 27 to come out and then we’ll win six units. So let’s see how we go. That’S a double street, so we just get our money back. Sorry, we started. This is practice five.

Fifteen fifty and fifty feet that again so just keep going until we get a win okay, so that was actually a loss. So, let’s hit those three. So now we double up red odd got their money back 35. Black 31 kick gun to that when you think yeah we hit. Even so, as you can see there, we won six units because we’ve got our money back.

So if we lost, if it better, if it actually came out on another one of these four numbers, we’re not betting on you double again, Ronnie I’d only double up three or four times and then restart. So it’s a fairly good system. This one, let’s just go for another one. What do you buy? That’S just a fluke.

I didn’t mean to spin there, but we won again, but let’s have a look. 1578. So, let’s find another repeat: some chips aren’t fit to spin even 24, even 22 Wow, even 31 black, the odd okay, so about 31 31.

So this is the street at hit, so we’re putting a chip on the opposite of the double street of that history. To that double street, so it’s actually 34. 35. 36. Then we’re going to jump up here, another 5 units on the other double streets, all right so 1578, and we’re gon na win six units: 23 red deben, 18 red Kiba, 27 red fire red 18 22 hit. Then so he got another six dollars, so it’s hit on that one.

So again, if it didn’t hit there and hit there, you double up so yeah, it’s pretty good, because every other number you get your you get your money back and you’re, not betting. On the four, so that’s the risk you take, but with six units total and doubling after that. Obviously, when you, if you lose it’s quite a good, effective return, six units, so that’s the system, you know I actually lose the system at the casino and online. Not all the time I jump around different systems, of course, but that’s quite good and I’ve only ever got to three or four. I think where I had to double up before I got my money back.

So that’s the one-way street system, thanks for watching and we’ll be back with many more systems and articles.